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Focus on

Focus on

HR and Payroll


"The Payroll department not only deal with the on-going payroll processing of the Appleby Westward staff," (says Jo Hounsell, Appleby Westward's HR Director) they also work with a large number of our retailers who outsource their payroll to Appleby Westward'.


Business Support by Appleby Westward (SPAR UK)

Business Support by Appleby Westward (SPAR UK)

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Much to think about

There are so many things you have to think about as the owner of a successful store. You’ve got costs to keep down and sales to push up. You’ve got staff, stock and IT systems to keep on top of and of course, you’ve got to come up with more and more new ideas to give your store the competitive edge.

Business Development Managers

Our Business Development Managers are here to take some of the weight off your mind. Not only are they fully trained retail specialists, they also have in-depth knowledge of their local markets and experience of helping to develop businesses like yours.

Your BDM will see you on a regular basis and go through the key issues that need dealing with. Whether it’s anything from staff training to store development, they’ll give you their considered opinion and help you find the solution that works best for you.

Add to this the wealth of local knowledge your advisor can bring to your business and you can begin to see why so many retailers choose SPAR.


Being an Independent retailer is tough at the moment. The competition is fierce. Stores are facing rising costs and the shopping needs of customers are changing rapidly, too. It’s tough out there – and all the signs are it’s going to get tougher for retailers unless they quickly adapt to change.

Put simply, many store owners will go out of business unless they are prepared to take action. Which is why there has probably never been a better time to join SPAR - a global brand that thinks local. SPAR offers the complete retail solution, allowing you to maintain your independence while helping grow your business and profits.

We co-invest with our retailers and have ploughed nearly £10 million into store development over the last five years. This has helped grow our retailers’ businesses and maintain our position as the leading convenience brand in the south west.

Standing still is not an option for SPAR retailers. Our retailers are getting smarter and adapting to change. They are changing their offer based on the customers they get in their stores. They are developing a better understanding of why their customers are coming into their stores – and how they can entice them to come back again and again.

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It is, and we would like you to become part of it.

The obvious destination

SPAR is the obvious destination for retailers wishing to grow their businesses and ensure a prosperous future. SPAR is a proven long-term winner – so why not join up with the winning team now?

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