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Week 10 #SPAR #12DealsofChristmas

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HR and Payroll


"The Payroll department not only deal with the on-going payroll processing of the Appleby Westward staff," (says Clare Parkin, Appleby Westward's Payroll Co-ordinator) they also work with a large number of our retailers who outsource their payroll to Appleby Westward'.


Testimonials - Satisfied customers of Appleby Westward

Testimonials - Satisfied customers of Appleby Westward

Interested in finding out more about SPAR?

For an informal chat about joining SPAR and how we could improve the success of your business, please contact a member of our Recruitment Team:

David Slade, Head of Store Recruitment:
Tel: 07747 756849 Email: dslade@applebywestward.co.uk

Terry Cridlin, New Business Manager:
Tel: 07767 623200 Email: tcridlin@applebywestward.co.uk

Phil Tunnell, Business Development Manager:
Tel: 07770 227217 Email: ptunnell@applebywestward.co.uk

Testimonials from satisfied customers

A decision to move to SPAR after 13 years with Costcutter has delighted customers at Ian McCabe's store in Penryn, Cornwall..

"We had been with Costcutter for a long time and I reached the point where I decided the only way to move the business forward was to switch to SPAR," said Ian. "SPAR is cutting edge, the clear brand leader in the convience store market and represented a big step up for us."

Ian McCabe, SPAR Penryn

Simon and Dawn Hawthorn turned to SPAR when they decided to switch symbol groups last year - and haven't looked back since doing so...

“We bought the store because it was in a good location and we felt it was a business where improvements could be made,” said Dawn. "But after a year under Londis, we decided to move to another symbol group and SPAR offered us the best deal, not just on pricing but the packaging as a whole."

Simon & Dawn Hawthorn, SPAR Tiverton

The 300 sq.ft. Forecourt store in London Street, Andover had been supplied by Palmer and Harvey for over 30 years, but Tony and Gill decided they needed to switch symbol groups in order to move the business forward.

“We decided to join SPAR because people trust the brand more and know what SPAR is and what it stands for. People in the area didnt really know the Nisa name in the same way, and the switch to SPAR has paid off with increased sale."

Tony & Gill Dyer, SPAR Andover

Return to SPAR pays off for the Patel family

“What we liked when the store recruiter came to see us was that the whole approach was not forceful, and Gill and I respected that." said Tony. "The help, patience and continuous support we received made our changeover relatively straightforward. We are both excited and looking forward to a great partnership with Appleby Westward."

Neil Patel
Druids Hill


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